by Mark Cramer 

Mason, Ohio – On Sunday, May 4, several members of the GKK Sport Karatedo Team traveled to the Cincinnati area to compete in the Ohio Qualifier for the USA-National Championships and Team Trials. All members of the GKK team conducted themselves with humility, and competed with a strong spirit. Consequently, it was a very successful day

John Barnes –  18 to 34 Male Advanced, Mandatory Kata – Gold

Hunter Eades –  11 to 12 Male Advanced,  Kata – Silver Kumite – Gold      

David Hale – 18 to 34 Male Advanced,  Mandatory Kata – Bronze  Open Kata – Gold     

Alex Perry – 10 34 Male Advanced,  Weapons Kata – Bronze Kata – Silver Kumite – Silver      

Chris Perry –  35+ Male Advanced, Kumite Bronze

Alec Vaughn – 11 to 12 Male Advanced, Kata –Gold  Kumite – Silver

Also on Saturday and Sunday, several of the GKK instructors and coaches participated in the USA-NKF referee course in order to upgrade their judging and referee credentials. Chris Perry and David Hale improved their standing as national kumite judges, and Mark Cramer improved to a national kumite referee.

Additionally, Brad Reynolds, who is a USA-NKF Junior Kumite Team member and international competitor, has been attending classes at the Bedford GKK in order to learn the katas required in national and international competition. Congratulations to young Mr. Reynolds who won the junior mandatory kata division.

Finally, a special thanks goes out to Mr. Rick Vaughn who drove the GKK’s competition mats to the tournament so that they could be used in the Ohio USA-NKF Qualifying Tournament. It is through the voluntary efforts of GKK parents and friends that our programs are successful.