by Frank Matt

Hello everyone.  My name is Frank Matt.  I am excited to help expand the G.K.K.  Our new dojo is located in the local YMCA in Corinth, New York.  There was never a program such as karate at the YMCA before, so I feel very privileged to start from scratch.  The first class was held on September 11, 2007 with five students.

My karate experience began in February 2001 when I entered the dojo in Damariscotta, Maine under the instruction of Sensei Nancy Ault.  My progression through Goju Ryu karate has brought me to the current level of shodan, promoted in October 2004.    

I became Sensei Nancy Ault's Sempai in April of 2003 as a yon kyu.  I was nervous to have such a responsibility, but found how much I enjoyed learning and helping to teach others.  Sensei Ault and I had a great group of people, not just students.  That experience made me want to continue teaching and also being a student of Goju Ryu.           

My goal is to help achieve a committed group of students dedicated to the integrity and hallowed art of Goju Ryu karate, while continuing on my own journey as student and part of the teachings of our past and present masters.

Thank you, Mr. Ed Myers, for all of your kind words and thank you, Mr. Stamper, for your support.  And thank you, Sensei Nancy Ault, for the patience and guidance you have given.