I sold some Ironmind© gym equipment awhile back.  When the buyer arrived, I had the bench, racks and safety stands set up in my driveway for a tutorial. As I explained their uses as well as some modifications I had made, the buyer became very interested. Flattered, I made a rare exception and invited him into my basement gym to see some other inventions.  We spent three hours.    I planned a Point article about them, but instead think this would be a good series for our readers to submit their own ideas to share. 

     The accompanying picture shows two versions of the traditional chishi.  The left one uses a standard size dumbbell handle with two small weights added on one end.  The other end has a rubber sleeve - tape would work just as well - to protect the hands.  Flaking chrome is sharp as a razor.  The right one is an Olympic dumbbell handle with hockey / baseball bat tape around the grip end.  Naturally, the weights are adjustable.

     If you have homemade training equipment or unique ways of using items for training, please share them with the group.