I was reviewing the March 2013 issue of the newsletter and reread Mr. Morca’s article on strength, stretching and stamina. These are some basic elements of physical fitness.

     Strength is the ability to do repetitions over and over again. If I can do 50 pushups at one time and then do 60 pushups the next time I am stronger at pushups. Same goes for sit ups, lifting certain weights and other exercise. The more I do the stronger I get and conversely, the fewer I do the less strength I have.   Age diminishes muscular cell growth and no matter how many repeats I do because of my age I will only be able to do so much. That is the way we are built. So do what you can with what you have while you have. We all physically diminish with age.

     There are two types of stretching that are effective. One is static stretching and the other is ballistic. Static stretching is what it says it is. Hold a position for a period of time, then try to stretch it farther, then again but only holding the positions. Ballistic stretching is the bouncing type and I do not recommend it before you have completed some static stretching. It can cause some damage if you have not done some static stretching beforehand. Stretching loosens ligaments and provides synovial fluid to get into the bursa sacs for a greater range of motion.

     Stamina is the ability to go for long time. It is produced by aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Long runs at a moderate to slow pace as well as quick bursts of all out running will get you there. Also biking and swimming will too. All of what we do is to optimize our conditioning and are health. We are aware of what we need to do to be physical fitness and how it will improve our ability to perform GoJuRyu. Knowing it is one thing DOING is another. Enjoy the journey.