Due to recent occurrences in the computer security world there is a need for us to do a significant upgrade to the GKK website. I am currently working on revising the site to a newer version of Joomla with another upgrade coming in the next few months. Due to the requirements of the system the upgrade is more of a rebuild. This first section of the rebuild is fairly basic in appearance as I am working on getting ready to do a second upgrade within a few months. Some of the new features that are coming;

            A dojo locator with maps and detailed location information.

            A better officer contact page. 

            An improved contact section for all the National headquarters. 

            Updated display and better support for mobile browsers. 

            A dojo specific section for articles related to schools or from the schools. 

If you have suggestions for other things that can be added please let me know. In the second stage I will be looking into adding or returning some features that require software that would break the old site. Some of the features that I am looking into are.

            A full membership directory where memberships, promotions, annual dues, individual rank, etc., can be tracked. 

            A web store to allow for full merchandise sales of GKK products.


     Please feel free to contact me with other wishes or desires for things that we can add to the site to help you in your practice of and operation of a GKK School. If you already have an account on the old site then you can logon using your old username and password. If you don’t remember your password I can reset it for you. Once I have the email hooks working you should be able to perform your own password recovery. 

     I can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..