by Rich Stamper

I met Teruo Chinen Sensei in the mid-1980s.  He was our guest at GKK Headquarters in Toledo and provided a series of seminars.  I was very impressed with him at that time.

Over the years of our acquaintance I have practiced with him on several occasions and each time my admiration for his skill and his strength of character have grown.  He was always very gracious.

ImageAs the years passed he seemed even more energetic, full of life and his passion for karate.  In my mind he was indestructible – a true force of nature.

He has shared his knowledge worldwide through the Jundokan International which he founded in 1984.  A huge amount of information exists on the web describing his travels and the admiration of those who have had the pleasure of training with him.  He wrote a wonderful book titled Forty Years of Chamber.  He has been around.

Recently it came to my attention that in 2009 his house caught fire and for more than a year he was without a primary residence.  He continued to travel and teach.  Then, last year, his leg was amputated just below the knee.

While in the hospital bed subsequent to the operation he practiced round kicks, sit ups and other exercises when no one was watching.  He reflected on his life past and future, and contemplated his next book.

He continues to teach – and practice.  He continues to travel and share.  He decided to establish a garden dojo behind his residence.  He is who he is.

Indomitable.  An example of strength of spirit for us all.