by Ken Maunz

I came in from class the other night and told my wife my stomach was a little upset. She said "what did you eat to cause that?"  I said, "no, it wasn't that."  I'm pretty sure I had my butt over my head a few too many times. I was teaching the snake form to some of the more bouncy students, and a lot younger. I hit 62 in May. The snake form has 2 cartwheels, 2 forward rolls, 3sideways rolls, plus the regular stuff.
So, after a few times I really do know how old I am. And I'm not sure if after class I did really use both hands to find my butt or got it with one the first time. Yet I'm pretty happy I was still able to do the thing.

A few weeks later I was practicing with some of our black belts and Ron Henderson was one of them. And thinking about it and looking around, the light bulb kinda flickered. I've known Ron a looong time! Ron is going to be 68 in June! What's he doing out here jumping around? Am I going to be like Ron in 6 years? Well, I hope the Lord gives me that and longer. I once read some martial artists thought a man became a true master at 70. I would think it's true because he has passed the hardest test of all - the test of time!
So hey! You can all be masters. Just fill in the blank:  I've got _________ more years to practice.  And I can truly think I am a master. If not, at least you know you're old.