Below are reviews by some of the readers of The Character of Goju-Ryu, Kata Implications for Experienced Practitioners, by Rich Stamper:

"Dear Sensei Stamper, I hope that you and yours are all well. I am writing you to thank you for your wonderful book, which I finished reading last night. I wrote a review on Amazon and I have recommended the book to all of my Yudansha and to an international research group I belong to, as a "must read." About ten years ago, I was fortunate enough to meet an 89 year old first generation student of Miyagi Chojun Sensei, who trained with Miyagi Sensei from 1930 to 1935. So much of what you shared in your book is so similar to things that he shared with me, it was almost like you were there listening to the same things I heard him say. I spent one week training with him each day privately. My experience with him changed how I view kata and karate. Unfortunately, he passed away several months after I had trained with him. As such, I lost the ability to follow-up and to ask him questions that still remained. Your book tied up several loose ends for me. It also made more clear to me things that he had shared with me. Thank you, I am very grateful to you for the time and energy you invested to share with all of us. From my perspective, your book is the best book ever written on Goju Ryu Kata; or actually on understanding kata period... I have struggled trying to convey these lessons and understanding to my peers and students. Now I can have them read your book and we can then embark on wonderful discussions and future practice with additional understanding. What a gift! Thanks again for the wonderful piece of work you produced. I will read it many times in my journey moving forward." - Steve Wilson, WA

"I just read Mr. Stamper's book, and really enjoyed it! It made me laugh at times, but mostly made me think! I kind of feel like someone who was brainwashed, so to speak and Mr. Stamper's book is deprogramming me. To tell the truth he hit the hammer on my head. I thought some of the same things he mentions in the book, like trying to use blocks as blocks instead of a strike or just get out of the way. That hurts! When I spar, I get in close and personal; most people don't expect that of females. I think this might stem from having seven - count them, seven brothers! We do practice a variety of things in class that are similar to classical karate. I had to read it a few times, but I think I got it in my head." - Angie Monday. OH

"Hi; Have any of you read The Character Of Goju-Ryu? It is an amazing book. I found this book at It offers a methodology for learning from the kata, not just learning the kata. How to interpret the movements and discover applications. I believe this is probably one of the most significant karate books written in the past many years. It is interesting reading, easy to follow, and groundbreaking in its revelations. While deeply thought provoking, it is also pretty funny at times. Anyway, that’s just my take on it. I suspect some will find it controversial. Anyone else read it?" - R. Williams, Old Goju-Kai

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