by Angie Monday

I just read Mr. Stamper's book, and really enjoyed it! It made me laugh at times, but mostly made me think! I kind of feel like someone who was brainwashed, so to speak and Mr. Stamper's book is deprogramming me. To tell the truth he hit the hammer on my head. I thought some of the same things he mentions in the book, like trying to use blocks as blocks instead of a strike or just get out of the way. That hurts! When I spar, I get in close and personal; most people don't expect that of females. I think this might stem from having seven - count them, seven brothers! We do practice a variety of things in class that are similar to classical karate. I had to read it a few times, but I think I got it in my head.

Now I have to teach my body, which I think might give me some grief; especially my knees. We have to learn what the katas are trying to show us ; are we sumo, wasps, or whatever, in the kata? We have to figure it out for ourselves! I would like to practice every so often in street clothes, and maybe carrying a purse or something, 'cause when we're in class, we have nothing in our hands and are wearing loose clothing . What if I'm wearing tight clothes, or have children with me that I don't have in class? Will I be able to get away alive?

Don't get me wrong, I love traditional karate, got a lot from it, would not change the time spent learning it, and now think I would like to be classically trained.

If Mr. Stamper ever does hit me on the head with a hammer again, this means I haven't practiced enough, or I'm just stupid! I hope it's not true that you can't teach an old dog new tricks!

See ya in class!

Angie (The Junk-Yard Dog!)