November 15, Akron, Ohio -- Mr. Motoo Yamakura and several GKK members attended the USA Karate Federation's 35th National Championships. In the opening ceremonies, Hanshi Yamakura received recognition for being the Chairman of Goju-Ryu Karate-do Kyokai, one of the largest and oldest Goju organizations in the U.S.A.

      Austin Malabanian (9 year old male novice) competed in his first out-of-town tournament in a division of sixteen youths. He won a silver medal in open kata which was a five round event. Two of the "novice" competitors were performing Seipai while Austin was performing Gekisai Ichi and Ni. This says much for Austin's attention to the details of his kata. In kumite, Austin won a bronze medal against some well seasoned tournament competitors.

      Mark Cramer won both the mandatory kata division and the 45+ open kata division. The first division was three rounds and the second division was four rounds. In these seven rounds, Mr. Cramer performed the Goju kata Seipai, Seisan, Kururunfa, and Suparunpai. He also performed Nipaipo, a Shito Ryu kata.