All of life is sacred and I will always respect the sanctity of life.





I will use karate only to defend myself and others

 and only use the amount of force necessary

to preserve my life and that of others.





The ultimate goal of karate is to achieve

balance and harmony with the universe

and to realize one's fullest potential

to contribute to humankind

through the development of mind, body and spirit.





True karate practitioners

will strengthen their hands to lift those who have fallen,

no matter how low.





As a karateka I will always strive to have an open mind

and realize that tolerance and diversity

form the seedbed where creative intelligence and genius will thrive.







As a karateka, I will apply the lessons learned on the dojo floor

to my daily life and always strive to treat every person I meet

with decency and respect, irrespective of their views or positions in life.








As a martial artist I will strive to always be aware

of what is good and what is right,

and to use my skills to promote peace and respect for all of humankind.