The U.S.A. Junior Team placed second in the Pan American Championships which were held last month in El Salvador. The U.S. won a total of 22 medals: 8 gold, 4 silver, and 10 bronze. The USA team competed well in both the kata and the kumite events. There are 10 kata events and the USA won seven metals. The USA won 15 kumite medals in the in the 38 kumite divisions.

     Kathy Reynolds, a 13 year girl from the greater Toledo area won the Pan American gold medal for kumite in the 12-13 year old 45+ kilo (90.9 + lbs.) division. Kathy is a student of Mike Jacobs (USA Martial Arts). She has competed in our GKK tournament for the past several years, and also used to come to the Bedford GKK dojo to learn the Goju Shitei kata. Whereas she is very competent in kata, kumite is her strongest suit.