Did you know that we will have a presentation by Japanese Drummers at the GKK Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration and Seminars in June?  They will perform at the Banquet.  Should be very exciting.


We Are......


     We are the oldest Traditional Goju-Ryu karate organization on this continent.  We’ve been here the longest.  Us.  How very significant that is.

     1959.  Our organization began in 1959.  Fifty years ago.  Only about twenty years after karate was introduced to the general public in Japan.  We were among the first anywhere in the world.  Us.  You.  The GKK.

     We  are celebrating our heritage.  We are celebrating our fifty years of existence.  We are doing that.  All of us.  You too.

     Our celebration includes training, socializing, a banquet and other events held near where the original dojo stood.  This will occur over a three day period in June.

     We’re only fifty once.  This will never happen again.  This is about us – you.

     Be there.  Celebrate.  Share.  Learn.  Grow........ We are!