The following events at the 50th Anniversary Celebration and Banquet were recorded and are available as DVDs:


Banquet - Speakers, Dignitaries, Drummers, Awards, etc.

Commemorative DVD

Japanese Medicine - N. Astel                        GKK/Goju History - M. Cramer  

Weapons Bo/other – M. Cramer                        Women’s Self-defense – N. Ault

Kata Tournament – M. Cramer                        Start / Promote School - G. Dodge

Jujitsu – R. Burlen                                    Elder’s Karate – M. Yamakura

Zen / Tao Meditation – M. Galose                           Black Belt Seminar – M. Yamakura           

Kyu Rank Seminar - Maunz /Shaneman               Energy Flow - M. Yamakura

Goju Ryu Kata Bunkai – C. Gittins                        Ran Gekki / Dojo Sprn. – M. Galose

Street Combat 18+ – N. Astel


     The cost is $11.00 each for GKK Members who attended the event and $21.00 each for GKK Members who did not attend.

     The complete set of DVDs can be purchased for $100 by attendees and $200 for those who did not attend.

     Note that these are not edited and have the viewing perspective and sound qualities of a typical "home movie" video.  Most events ran 1 1/2 to 2 hours, and are provided on two DVDs.  The price is for both DVDs where two are required.


     A Disc of  approximately 200 photos is also available for $15.00 each.


Orders will be taken until August 15, 2009.  After that they will not be available.  Send to Rich Stamper at 4450 Luann Ave. Toledo, OH  43623 along with a check made payable to the GKK.