by Frank Matt

September was our school's first year anniversary in Corinth, New York.

We started with five students, and now have fifteen regulars. From the original five I have three left. Josh, the senior student, is getting ready for his green belt. He has trained in a few different styles from grappling to Shotokan, for most of his life. He likes Goju Ryu the most. His daughter, Angelina, is getting ready for her 7th kyu, she is our dojo`s story teller. She lets everyone know when she is going to birthday parties and such.

Anthony Everetts is also one of my originals. He started very shy and did not have much confidence in a lot of things. He is 11 or 12yrs old. Now, I call him our Wal Mart greeter - I can't get him to be quiet.

From then we gained more students. Some with a lot of talent and some with not so much, as we all see a lot of diverse people.

t is challenging to start from scratch which I have found out. I'm thankful I have a sensei and true friend who kind of gives me some advice, Sensei Nancy Ault from Damariscotta, Maine.

Sensei Ault has been to my dojo a couple of times. She has trained my students and they said they have really enjoyed it. The last time she was here, at the end of the beginner's class we had a q/a session for her. It was fun.

I just want to say thanks to Sensei Nancy, and all of you who have given our dojo a lot of encouragement.  Also, thanks Mr. Myers, for checking in from time to time, it's good to hear from you.