It is with much sadness that I announce that Mr. John Shatto, Sandan and member of the Bakersfield Fajukan Dojo of the GKK, passed away this morning 2/25/2009, from complications relating to cancer.  Mr. Shatto was 59 Years old.  He was a veteran of the Vietnam War.  He was a long-time friend and student of Karate-Do.  I would personally like to commend Sensei Robert DaLessio, Renshi and Senior instructor in Bakersfield for his relentless devotion to taking care of Mr. Shatto who never married and had no other family.  The Bakersfield Fajukan of the GKK has suffered a great loss and our thoughts and prayers are with them.           
     The world was a better place because John Shatto was here.  He will be greatly missed.