Mr. George Edward Anderson passed away on Thursday August 6, 2009. For those who knew him, he was a loving and considerate gentleman who possessed wealth of knowledge in karate-do and the martial arts. His martial arts accomplishments include being the founder and the Hanshi of the Kwanmukan Martial Arts organization and the founder of the USA Karate Federation sport organization. He also held a tenth dan in Karate-do, a ninth dan in Taekwondo, a ninth dan in Jujitsu, an eighth dan in Kobudo, and sixth dan in Judo. However, the accomplishment that most people will recall is persuading the U.S. Olympic Committee to recognize sport Karate-do in 1986.

     His passing is a tremendous loss to the Karate-do and martial arts communities. He will be greatly missed by those who knew and loved him.




Exercise vs. training;


Exercise is as a canary is to birds -- caged and cute.


Training is like the soaring eagle -- awesome and free.


Training includes a wholesome lifestyle with plenty of rest, thoughtful dietary practices and regular weight-resistant engagement.


Training is positive action and attitude;


exercise is a single good thing to be done, a part of the whole.


Training is the whole.


I suggest you train for life....


Dave Draper;  Mr. America, Mr. World, Mr. Universe