Narrowly edged out by golf after 4 rounds of voting
     Karate came in a close third after 4 rounds of voting saw Rugby and Golf as the two sports to be recommended by the International Olympic Committee Executive Committee to be voted on by the full IOC in October. While rugby quickly emerged as a majority, Karate initially secured more votes than Golf, but lacked the majority required.

      After 4 rounds of voting, golf narrowly edged karate out to take the second of two spots selected. Rugby was the clear winner overall, getting seven votes in the first round and a majority of nine in the second. In a separate ensuing vote, golf needed four rounds to get through. Karate led the first round with five votes, with golf getting three. Golf then got six votes in the second, seven in the third and nine in the fourth.

     The golf decision opens the possibility of Tiger Woods playing for an Olympic gold medal in 2016. IOC president Jacques Rogge said he is "absolutely" sure that Woods and other top players will compete if the sport gets final approval. "Who is one of the major icons of the world? Tiger Woods," Rogge told The Associated Press. "This is a very important sport."

     "It's not over yet," says USA Karate CEO Luke St. Onge.  "We will continue to monitor the situation and see what develops from here."