On Sunday, 8/24/2008, 15 members of the GKK attended a large Budo clinic in Daly City, California.  The strategies of Go no Sen, Sen no Sen, and Sen Sen no Sen were practiced in a yakusoku kumite format.  The opening ceremonies included demonstrations by the Visalia Dojo who performed Sanseiru and Kake no Kon.  Dan Taylor also performed Hakutsuru.  Visalia GKK members in attendance were Dan Taylor, Dominic Quinzon, Mike Reitz, Rachel Reitz, Ted Reitz, Mary Reitz, Madison Cote, Matt Prillwitz, Samantha Kellerhall, Eiljah Nevarez, Nigel Faustino, Daniel Ramiriez Sr, and Daniel Ramiriez Jr.   The Bakersfield GKK Dojo was represented by Greg Rader and Christian Rader.   

Dan Taylor received many positive comments from spectators, participants and other instructors regarding the GKK members.  They performed in an exemplary manner as representatives of the GKK.  A good time was had by all.