by Ed Myers

Hello All,     

As you should be aware, we have a wonderful website at   It was constructed and is maintained by Greg Dodge (Marketing Director) and Eric Naujock (Webmaster).  Over the next few newsletters I would like to share with you some of the current and future activities.  
The GKK database and E-mail registration are current activities targeted for this year.  With this we will need the school leaders and your help.  Mr. Dwight Scales (National) and myself (international) will be contacting the school leaders in the very near future.   The East Coast Schools  (i.e., Maine. NY, PA )  with  the assistance of Mr. Allen Zaklad  have already provided us with their completed GKK Email List Registration Forms.  We are now focusing on the mid-west , west coast and the international clubs. 
The following is a description by Mr. Dodge of the two projects.  Please read on.

GKK Database Project

This project will create a GKK Database which will allow GKK Administrators and School Leaders to input, manage, and access school, student, and GKK membership information (i.e., school and student contact directory, enrollment dates, student promotions, school fees, GKK dues, payment of GKK dues, etc.).

This project will make it easier for the GKK and it's School Leaders to manage the massive amount of physical documents and information generated on our schools and their members; make it easier to search information on members, submit annual dues, provide school leaders and GKK administrators with a tool that allows them to manage our organizational and individual schools records and information.

For security reasons we will support various access levels (i.e., GKK Administrators - Full Access; School Leaders - Individual School Access, etc.)

The project will be done using MySQL (free) and PHP (free) so that we can put the database on a server (Web-based).

GKK E-Mail List Registration Project
This project will allow the GKK to build and manage an e-mail database (list ) of all of our members worldwide. It will allow the GKK organization to more easily communicate with all of its members worldwide. This project will also allow the GKK to significantly lower the cost of communicating with its members. The information gathered on these forms will also help us in building the GKK Database. The forms should be re-submitted for students whose information has changed, and for new students as they join our programs.