by Dan Taylor

On December 17, 18, & 19, the GKK dojos of Visalia and Bakersfield, California, held their annual Gasshuku with Yamakura Hanshi.  It was a time of new and renewed learning for all.  Hanshi taught all aspects of training in kihon, kata, bunkai, and kumite.  Additionally, he gave in-depth instruction on the nature and development of ki.

This year’s event was hosted by the Bakersfield Dojo, which did an outstanding job in the organization of this great time that was enjoyed by all who attended.

On Saturday evening, a banquet was held with Yamakura Hanshi making black-belt promotions as follows:
Robert DaLessio - Godan,  Matthew Prillwitz - Nidan,  Saul Velazquez - Shodan