by Mark Cramer

In the most recent issue (volume 17) of American Samurai, there is a very nice article by Mr. Roger Jarrett which urges everyone to work together to further American sport karate-do. He urges all to put aside personal and political differences, which have previously divided the karate-do community and work together to strengthen karate-do in the United States. Recently USANKF membership has grown, club memberships have more than doubled, and great progress has been made in other areas of traditional karate-do.

Mr. Jarrett notes that since he has become the president of karate-do's NGB (National Governing Body), a host of once disillusioned but talented karate-do instructors and organizations have returned to the USANKF. Misters Minobu Miki, Hidy Ochai, Masaharu Sakamukai, Chuzo Kotaka, and George Anderson are a few of the most recognizable instructors who have returned. The USA Karate-do Federation, sport karate-do's first NGB, is once again involved. Talks with the AAU about becoming an affiliate member appear to be headed in the right direction, and the future of American sport karate-do looks very bright.

I urge all GKK members to take a fresh look at sport karate-do in this country. Come to the USANKF National Championships and Team Trials in Charleston, W.V. and see for yourself the changes that have transpired. Come and see the myriad of talent that the USA has in traditional karate-do. I think that you'll be pleased.

I sincerely believe that if more GKK members become involved in the USANKF, we will help strengthen traditional karate-do in this country.              

The Restructuring of Sport Karate-do

It is generally accepted that the previous administrative leadership of the USA-National Karate-do Federation (sport karate-do’s National Governing Body) suffered from a lack individuals with business backgrounds and people who were knowledgeable about Olympic sports but who were "karate neutral". Simply said, they lacked the financial expertise and overall objectivity to operate in a manner that best served the interests of the United States Olympic Committee and its athletes.

Yet with its problems, the USA-NKF continued to produce fine athletes who were able to win at both the Pan American and World Championship levels. This indicates that the USA has good athletes and good coaches who could achieve even more if they were given better administrative and financial support. Consequently, the new USA-NKF administrative leadership in conjunction with the USOC has introduced a reorganization plan designed to resolve the aforementioned problems.

Some of the senior members of the GKK will remember that when the USA-NKF first became the governing body for sport karate-do, the GKK endeavored to become a member organization. Our attempt to join was confronted with a myriad of obstacles, which discouraged our full participation. This was frustrating since the GKK had placed two of our teenage members on the USA Junior Team and won two international medals at the Pan American Junior Championships with the previous representative, USA Karate.

To prevent problems like these from occurring again, the new administrative leadership of the USA-NKF along with the USOC have agreed to restructure the National Governing Body of Sport Karate-do in a manner which is similar to the vast majority of other NGBs.
Editor's Note; Complete details of the restructuring may be found on the USANKF's website .