These people are the officers for the GKK. 

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Name Position Phone State Country
Motoo Yamakura Chairman Michigan U.S.A.
Rich Stamper Co-chairman Ohio U.S.A.
Ed Myers CEO Ohio U.S.A.
Eric Naujock Webmaster 419-472-4452 Ohio U.S.A.
Dwight Scales Director U.S.A. 419-537-0375 Ohio U.S.A.
Gustavo Muñoz Director Argentina (54) 221-472-2950 Buenos Aires Argentina
Ramon Suazo Director Chile Santiago Chile
Andreas Salchow Director Germany (49) 08781/202 99 00 Hohenthann Germany
Bhadresh B. Dave Director India (Joint) India
Vipool R. Dasani Director India (Joint) +91 9820835035 India
Nimrod Z. Astel Director Israel 972-3-5328149 Givat Shmuel Israel
Aleojin Rios Vergara Director Panama (Joint) Panama
Alejandro Rios Gonzalez Director Panama (Joint) Panama
Daya Withanage Director Sri Lanka +94112892605 Sri Lanka
Bill Handren Newsletter Editor U.S.A.
Angie Monday Merchandise Administrator Ohio U.S.A.
Jean Stamper Treasurer Ohio U.S.A.
Deb Crawford Records Administrator Il U.S.A.
Ron Henderson Legal Advisor Ohio U.S.A.
Greg Dodge Marketing Director 419-392-0268 Ohio U.S.A.