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What do I have to do to join the GKK?

Most of our members were recommended by other members. In the event that an existing member cannot provide a recommendation, there is an established procedure that includes providing evidence of current rank, a personal history, recommendations, and a clear statement of what is expected from the GKK.

Are there any promotional fees? If so is there a price schedule?

The organization does not charge for promotional testing.

What are the organization dues and fees?

There is an Annual Renewal fee of $15 for kyu rank and $25 for dan rank.  Rank certificates are also $15 for kyu rank and $25 for dan rank.  There are no other organization fees.

I am a black belt in another martial art. If I join the GKK what rank do I join the organization at?

We accept existing rank if given by a recognized organization.

What are the requirements to be a member at

To be a part of our website, one must be a GKK member in good standing.

The GKK regularly gets asked a number of questions. Here are a few of the common ones and the answers to those questions.