The first ever GKK Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Mr. Greg Dodge in recognition of his many contributions to the organization.
Mr. Dodge is Roku-dan and Renshi and has been a GKK member for thirty-two years.  He was a School Leader for most of those years and had one of the longest running programs in the organization, if not the longest.  About twenty five years ago he designed and printed our GKK Organization Brochures at no charge.  He created a Student Guide for our use and also a School Start-up Manual and these are on our web site.  He served as Marketing Director for many years. Long ago he created our web site and developed it into a meaningful tool for our members and others.  Very professionally done and a site we can be proud of.  He designed, arranged, and produced both of Yamakura Shihan’s books – long before everything was digital - monumental tasks.  Our Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration would not have happened nor have been the resounding success it was except for his efforts.  He was the driving force behind that event and participated at all levels.  He also arranged and produced the Commemorative DVD that attendees received – at no charge to the GKK.  And he has assisted with many other projects over the years.
Throughout his thirty-two years of involvement, Mr. Dodge has donated huge amounts of time and effort to enhance the GKK, to improve our training, to promote Goju-Ryu, to share our collective knowledge, and support our goals.  We are most fortunate to have him as a member.
The presentation can be seen on our website.
                                                   Rich Stamper

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