We are excited to come to you with the information about our Spring Seminar and Annual Meeting and are especially excited to let you all know that a decision has been made to add a small tournament to the weekend activities.

The dates for all of this are, May 23rd and 24th (Friday and Saturday). This will take place at The Clay Avenue Community School, 1030 Clay Avenue, Toledo, Ohio, 43608. 

Friday May 23 - Black Belt Promotion – 6pm 

Saturday May 24 - 


  • (All Ranks) – 9am until 11am
  • (Green belts and above) – 11am until 12: 
  • (Black Belts) – 12:30 until 2pm 


  • Officials Meeting – 2pm 
  • Competition – 2:30 

Banquet and Annual Meeting – 6pm. 

Fees - 

Tournament - $5 one division, $7 both kata and kumite. No participant will go away empty-handed.

Seminar$10 one session, $15 two sessions, $20 all three, $30 for non-GKK members, $5 more for anyone without a patch 

Please review your records and submit the names of members eligible for promotion to Sho Dan and above to me by May 5th. We want no one to miss the opportunity to advance as they should.

Prices for the seminar and tournament will be determined soon. Rest assured they will be reasonable. I am sending this notice so that everyone can make travel plans.

We are all part of the GKK family. As family members, we all have ownership in how the family is maintained. We need to see representatives from all regions for this to be a successful venture!

I am looking forward to seeing all you in May. Please feel free to contact me by e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or call me at: (419) 304-1666. 


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