Here are a few pictures of my recent trip to Japan

I visited Ise Jingu which is a shrine complex composed of a large number of Shinto shrines.

The inner shrine, Naiku, also known as “Kotai Jingu”, is located in the town of Uji-Tachi

The Outer Shrine, Gekū is located about six kilometers from Naikū

Besides Naikū and Gekū, there are an additional 123 Shinto shrines in Ise City and the surrounding areas, 91 of them connected to Naikū and 32 to Gekū.

It is also known as the birth place of Japan, not necessarily the actual location.  Japanese people visit Ise, not so much for religious significance, but a historical attraction as I did.  It was crowded since it was rebuilt recently.  People jammed the place even though it was a week-day.


"Old Butokuden" in Kyoto. where many martial artists practiced and demonstrated.  The first demonstration by Okinawan Goju, it had no name then, was performed here and then the system was named GoJu, simply hard and soft.

Left; Seigokan students.  Right: Mr. Tanaka, who came to the United States with me in 1967.  Tada Seigo in street clothes, the current president, Mr. Nakatsuka in GI, the chief administrator of the Seigokan headquarter, myself

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