Bill Giller;  For those of us who believed and practiced the art in the best traditions of Gogen yamaguchi, Gosei Yamaguchi, Motto Yamakura, Mr. Reuter, Mr. Sammons, Mr. Stamper and other practitioners we have a physical, mental and emotional attachment to a dying art form. We have a responsibility to further it but we do not have those who will be willing to sacrifice the time to learn and at my age I do not want to spend the time teaching it.  

     I am extremely proud of my accomplishments as a student first, instructor and practitioner of GoJuRyu. I am still learning and will continue.  To the students I have had the joy of teaching, I am thankful. For us, GoJu is a way of life.


Bruce Cornwall;  Everything has its time.  Among other things, MMA has eroded traditional martial arts in America, the home of the instant cheeseburger and 3 D printers.

     Go Ju will always be.  It is with you , Tim ,Tom and myself. I had some just the other day. I was going to share with you that I was watching Gogen Yamaguchi on You Tube just the other day.  As I said, instant everything except results. Those take commitment, effort and dedication, not to mention work. 

     The legacy of BASD will carry on in the many students who passed through its doors.  The lessons - many and varied as those who partook. 

     I will always remember those spring Saturdays for promotion, lingering on the grass, heading to the iron bull after, not feeling the bruises until the next day. 

     In that building I met many people who gave great influence to me and my life.  I am not overstating to say there are many with similar gratitude.

     Many transitions I witnessed; a walk on  the moon, the resignation of a president, most of a career, yet for me Go Ju Ryu remained a constant stabilizing practice, discipline and portal of philosophy.   Noting ventured , nothing gained. 

I am not sure what this all means, is Duane still among us?

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