Updates from the USANKF president's office
USA National Karate-do Federation has complete support from US Olympic Committee!

This week USANKF president Roger Jarrett along with General Secretary John DiPasquale, Executive Vice President Eugen Tibon, Treasurer Gary Tsutsui and Regional vice president Cyrus Madani met with the US Olympic Committee in Colorado Springs CO. President Jarrett could not have been happier to announce the continued support for the federation from the USOC.

The federation will be making some changes to conform to the USOC models but overall the USA National Karate-do Federation has the complete support of the USOC. The Olympic committee is confident of the new leadership. Jarrett had meetings with the leaders of judo and tae kwon do to find ways to work together and is looking for office space at the facility. In a meeting with Gary Johansen of the USOC rumors were put to rest about any deals made with other national groups vying for the NGB. According to Jarrett " we are strong and we are here to stay" He also met with sensei Miguel Serrano in Colorado Springs. We will be interviewing USOC director of NGB development Eric Parson for more updates.

However the breaking news for everyone is that karate has been raised to the level of an Olympic sport!!!! That is correct karate is now an Olympic sport although it has not been included in the next Olympics the IOC reviewed it's status and we now have full confidence that it will be included in upcoming Olympics. This is a big plus for karate to be elevated to this status and the support here from the USOC is tremendous for the USA National karate-do federation.

Limited time offer $250 lifetime memberships to the USANKF! Along with the positive news the federation will be offering a limited amount of lifetime memberships for $250. This is a fantastic savings that will be passed on to the first 100 members to sign up for this special offer. You can get the forms here.

Congratulations on the positive news from the USANKF Board and their successful visit to the USOC.

Texas trip - after Colorado - Roger Jarrett traveled to Texas and had a great meeting with 13 clubs joining the USANKF and organizing their RSO. We will have more info on Texas, you may remember what a great national championship was held in Houston. The NKF is growing strong and 2007 will be a great year.

Last week Roger Jarrett visited Oklahoma City and the Century Martial Arts facility. He met with Rob Colosanti president of NAPMA. Together they visited with Century to find ways to work together with Century helping support the US National Team. He has also been in contact with several other vendors including Kwon, ASE, AWMA, Kamikaze, Seka, and Arawaza.

Rob Colosanti and NAPMA will be available to registered dojos to help grow their programs to become successful martial arts schools. NAPMA has offered their support to the federation.

Early next year Jarrett will be traveling to California and New York to forge together the organizations human resources. Alex Sternberg, Cleve Baxter, Ramon Hiraldo and others are beginning to work together. He hopes to meet with George Ashkar, Herb Wiles and all the NY sensei to strengthen the New York metropolitan region.


In addition to the new members to the board of directors, we will be expanding the referee council and growing the referee corps by increasing the numbers of regional clinics being offered. The technical committee is to be expanded to include more Okinawan stylist, kobudo, and kumite expertise.

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