by Frank Matt
What a great weekend. Sensei Maunz and Sensei Dave brought a great energy with them, plus all the other folks that came with them.
Miss Angie set up her store and she worked like a shop keeper.
What I experienced while listening and training with them is the passion and love for their art, which made it even more fun and educational for me.
Thanks Sensei Kane for hosting such a great seminar. I always have a great time going to train with the people in Ambler. I learn a lot and enjoy everyone there.
I also want to thank Miss Angie and Mr. Jim and Diane Jackson for the time they spent sharing their knowledge with us. I'm looking forward to the next seminar.

by Angie Monday

Recently, some of Mr. Ken's class went on a weekend trip to Philly to visit Mr. Bill Kane's class. Mr. Dave Shaneman and Ray Walter, a fairly new member of the GKK, went with us.

I was hoping to sell some merchandise for our karate club, and also learn some new things. I did sell quite a few shirts, books, and other merchandise.  I would like to thank everyone who purchased merchandise.   I really appreciate it!  Hope you enjoy wearing your shirts.  Wear them with pride!  
Our weekend was very busy.  After as we arrived at the hotel, we dropped off our belongings in our rooms, got our karate gear, and left for Mr. Bill Kane's dojo, which was a beautiful YMCA.  He has a lot of students, probably half of them black belts.  Everyone we met was so nice to all of us.  We started class with some kata as Mr. Ken Maunz and Mr. Dave Shaneman corrected us and showed us bunkai from the kata.  Both have different ideas of what the application of a move is, but everyone has to go with what works for themselves anyway.  After the workout, Mr. Kane's class took us to a local pizza place and treated us to pizza, pop, beer or whatever we wanted.  We talked about our lives and had a good time.
The next morning, it was up and off to the dojo again.  We started class with everyone together then broke into groups according to rank.  Each group worked on the kata they were learning.  We had lunch outside at a covered shelter on the grounds of the YMCA.  After lunch, our class taught.  Hope I wasn't too hard on them! Someone from my class told their class my nickname is "The Junkyard Dog", so I had to live up to my name.....Right!?  But I tell you what they all came up to me after class and said "Bye Junkyard Dog," with smiles on their faces.  They could have kicked me or something I guess.  
When the lower belts left, Mr. Kane brought in some x-ray films, then we practiced punching 2" into it, punch but no touch, and punch with eyes closed without touching.  It was interesting and fun.  Mr. Maunz showed Mr. Zack how he could become heavier with out gaining any weight, simply by focusing.  Mr. Shaneman was telling us how we need to move faster, and he definitely got people moving.  It reminded me of what Mr. Maunz always says...there are two kinds of people, the quick and the dead.  
We all left about five o'clock.  Mr. Kane invited us to a cookout at his house to enjoy some elk burgers, which were quite delicious and do not taste like chicken.  After dinner we were treated to sake.  I tried to drink it in all one gulp, not knowing it was a hot, strong drink, almost gagged, and then felt good for awhile!  The sound of bag pipes filled the air. I wasn't sure if it was real or if it was the sake!  It was real.  He was a good bagpipe player and played happy birthday to Mr. Maunz, which I think he really enjoyed.  We stayed and talked 'till about eleven. Good times.  The next morning we left bright and early to go back home.  I had a really good time, would do it again in a minute!
I want to say thank-you Mr. Bill Kane and your students for the hospitality!

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