by Ed Boyd and Ed Myers

Deb Crawford
Ms. Deb received the Chairman's Award for her contribution to the GKK as Business Manager, running the day-to day administrative operations.  This often comprises trying to keep Mr. Ed Boyd out of trouble.

She creates membership cards and sends them and patches to all new members, and files and maintains the extensive records system.

She is a wife, a mother and dedicated karate student.

Ms. Deb has been practicing karate for several years and was promoted to Sho-dan in 2010.  She is an assistant instructor teaching children's classes in the Springfield, IL dojo.

In addition she works full time for the great state of Illinois and has a pretty good reverse punch.

Gustavo Munoz
Gustavo started practicing karate at the age of twelve and in 1985 he started to train in Goju Ryu.  In 2000 he started to teach.

He joined the GKK on November 9, 2009 and is the National Director for Argentina.  As a new member of the GKK he needed to learn Kihon Kata, Uke No and Yaku Soku Kumite all from the DVDs.  As the director he required his students to also learn these.

He started a course of self-defense for women.  He instructed a lot of effective techniques with the object that the women can confront difficult situations.  At the end of the course, he gave them didactic material and a cd with the training and self-defense given during the course.

Gustavo organized several Gasshukus for his students.  Several of these were for GKK members only while others were  multi-style events.
In 2010 Gustavo was promoted to San Dan.  He now has fifteen members and two new Sho Dans.  He has been a good addition to the GKK family and is representing us well.

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