by Rich Stamper

The GKK 2011 Annual Meeting was called to order at 6: 31 P.M. on Saturday, May 14, 2011.  About thirty-five GKK members were in attendance.
Opening remarks recognized the contributions of Yamakura Shihan and particularly the seminar provided that day.  Thanks also went to Mr. Mark Cramer for procuring the facility and to our contingent from Illinois for assistance with the promotion.
It was announced that programs have recently been established in Armenia and Germany. Our thanks go to our CEO Mr. Ed Myers for facilitating their membership and a welcome to our new members.
Highlights from the annual reports of several of our member countries were then presented.
Next was the Treasurer’s Report.  Our income and expenses remain about equal and reflect past years performance.  Copies of the Treasurer’s Report are available upon request.
The recipients of this year’s prestigious Chairman’s Award were announced and a brief summary of their contributions to the GKK stated.  Awards were presented to Ms. Deb Crawford (USA) and Mr. Gustavo Munoz (Argentina).
Special recognition was given to Mr. Greg Dodge for his outstanding work on our website.  There have been many updates and improvements incorporated recently and all members should check it out.  An exclusive autobiography by Izumikawa Kanki Sensei procured by Mr. Jack Coleman also appears there.

New Business includes:

Mr. Mark Cramer requested consideration and clarification on our position for Junior Sho-dan awards.  Mr. Cramer presented a clear and compelling presentation of the need for Sho-dan certification for some of those under the age of sixteen.  There was general agreement.  Our current position is that minimum age for full Sho-dan is sixteen years of age, and by extension, the minimum age for Ni-dan is eighteen.  Our long standing practice is that Sho-dan may be awarded prior to age sixteen with the stipulation that confirmation testing is required at age sixteen.  Resolved.

Mr. Dan Taylor supplied a very well written proposal for review and consideration of two potential organization enhancing suggestions.  These are: (1) standardization of our kata practice to align with the JKF; and (2) obtaining GKK membership in an international organization such as FAJKO Goju-Kai or D.N.B.K.  It is important to note that suggestions of ways to enhance our GKK are sought out and appreciated.

(1) After some discussion, it was reported that our initial agreement with Yamakura Shihan stipulates he is the GKK Technical Authority and exclusive source for our training including kata.  We will abide by that agreement as a matter of honor as well as expressing our appreciation for what defines us as an organization.  It was resolved that our members are allowed to learn and practice the JKF versions of the kata for use in various non-GKK events, but that competency in  the training precisely as presented by Yamakura Shihan is required for promotion.

(2) After some discussion of international membership for the GKK, it was decided to send it to committee for further investigation.  The committee consists of Mr. Dan Taylor, Mr. Rich Stamper, Mr. Ken Maunz, Mr. Mark Cramer, Mr. Dave Shanemen, Mr. Dwight Scales, Mr. Ed Myers and Mr. Ed Boyd.  The recommendation of the committee is to be submitted by 9-1-11.
After requesting additional new business (none) and making closing comments, it was motioned and seconded to adjourn at 7:14 P.M.

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