Again the Ambler dojo opened their arms for all of us wanting to train with Mr. Yamakura. What a great weekend filled with a lot of training and ending with a few promotions.

   Friday night started with light kata work and Mr. Yamakura teaching us the finer points of kata. After we finished our light workout we peeled our sweaty clothes off, changed and went to dinner at a great pizza restaurant.

   Saturday training was awesome.  We all trained with the other school leaders in attendance.  Mr. Ken, as always, is full of knowledge and other things as well. Mr. Scales is always a pleasure to train with.

    The training with Mr. Yamakura is priceless. He always amazes me when I'm fortunate enough to be in his classes.

    Lastly congrats to Mr. Bill Kane on his promotion to Roku Dan , Mr. John to San Dan, Mr. Scott Abbitoni to Ni Dan and Miss Jill Emery to Ni Dan.  

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