by Kim Barrington

On Nov 21st, the Springfield GoJu Karate Club held  a promotional. A lot of students showed up to help out and give support to those who tested. It was a good workout. I would like to thank Charles and Xavier Camp for helping me run the promotional. Without their help, it wouldn't have run as smooth. Charles helped even though he was testing He pulled double duty. I'm so proud of them and all their hard work.
Promoted ; Charles Camp - 5th kyu - Green 2 stripes,
Cody Miner - 6th kyu - Green 1 stripe, Chenise Cottreau - 6th kyu - Green 1 stripe, Jim Bolt - 7th kyu - Yellow,
Nate Wirsing - 7th kyu - Yellow, Jordon Jones - 7th kyu - Yellow, Charles Kunz - 7th kyu - Yellow, Austin Grant - 7th kyu - Yellow, Adam Kunz - 7th kyu - Yellow, Tyler Too - 8th kyu - Orange/Yellow, Jacob Bolt - 9th kyu - Orange

Springfield Promotions, November 2011