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I am pleased to announce that on November 30th we held the First GKK Karate Tournament in Argentina named Miyagi 2013. It was very successful since a good number of our students, children, teens and adults as well, participated.

The system we used for children allowed all of them to get a medal, following the concept that they are all winners, as a means of helping them overcome the fears of their first competitive event.

For the older crowd, we offered prizes for the first, second and third places in each category. The Tournament had two main activities organized for the different ages of the participants:

Kata Competition in Teams and Individual Kumite
Everybody enjoyed the Tournament, and we were supported by many families who came to share the event with our competitors.

I want to acknowledge once again the unconditional support that I receive from our shodan karatekas Horacio Vitale, Carlos Rando and Alexis Dritsos, with whom every challenge seems a lot easier to accomplish.

We also received collaboration from our most advanced kyu students and from Héctor Gómez from IOGKF, who participated as one of the judges.

Best wishes for this Christmas and happy New Year for all GKK members around the world!!!! 

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