On Sept 26th, we held a promotional at the First Nazarene Church, Springfield, Illinois. Senseis Dave Shaneman and Gary Mazzotti graded the adult students and Trish Ballweg and Shelia Leggett graded the children.

      I would like to say how proud we are of our students and how well they performed at the promotional.  They have worked hard to get where they are today. 

 Image    Two students, Patric Crawford and Kayla Sharp have shown what practice can accomplish.  Patric has come a long way in his karate training.  I am proud of the maturity he has shown during and after the promotional.  Great job young man!  Kayla is a young lady who always works hard.  Her drive and determination to perform well really shows.

     Thanks to all those who sat on the promotional review boards and a special thanks to Deb Crawford for her assistance during the children's promotional

     Congratulations to the following students;

Adults:     Deb Crawford - Ni Kyu,    Kayla Sharp - San Kyu,     Patric Crawford - Yon Kyu,     Pete Kraovic - Shichi Kyu

              Alex Willams - Shichi Kyu

Kids:              Alexi Blakeman - Shichi Kyu,     Nolan Burkhart - Shichi               Kyu ho,    Collin Blakeman - Shichi Kyu ho