This year’s trip to Cumberland Gap for camping and training was even more fun than last year’s trip. This year my wife Paula, my son Andrew, and I took our 4 grandchildren, Paula Kay, Brittany, John, and MaryAnn, along with us. We moved up a little this year and rented a camper that included sleeping quarters for each of us and air-conditioning. This was a real treat after last year with setting up tents and sleeping on the ground.  With the camper, we just backed it into the site and hooked up the electric and we were done ………. Nice!!!

      We arrived on the 6th around 2 PM and met up with Mr. Kim Barrington and Tricia Ballweg. They were the first ones to arrive, so after we set up at our site, we spent the afternoon waiting for the rest of our group to show up.  Everyone else started arriving around 4 or 5 PM. Mr. Ken Maunz and his group were the next to arrive.  By the time everyone was moved in and set up, it was a little late to train, so we just passed a little social time and called it a day .

by Ken Maunz

The twins first started karate at seven years old During their training they were in and out a couple of times. They earned their green belt while training with  Rich and Jean Stamper, and spent about 3 years with me.

The girls ran track, and kept great grades in school. They turned eighteen in April, took their Shodan test May 7th and will also graduate high school in May. For two young 95# ladies they are tough and hard working. With their likable nature on they go to college.                       

I'm happy to be part of their life. Kudos on Shodan and everything you ever do.

Best always to Alex and Alyssa  from Ken.


by Frank Matt

Brandon Bennett was promoted to 5th kyu, Beth Julia and Stephanie Spelter were promoted to 9th kyu.

All three worked very hard and by the smiles on their faces are kind of proud of themselves.

I know I'm proud of them. Each and every class they come to learn ,and it shows.


by Dan Taylor

On December 17, 18, & 19, the GKK dojos of Visalia and Bakersfield, California, held their annual Gasshuku with Yamakura Hanshi.  It was a time of new and renewed learning for all.  Hanshi taught all aspects of training in kihon, kata, bunkai, and kumite.  Additionally, he gave in-depth instruction on the nature and development of ki.

Cory earned the most outstanding improvement award.  Brandon received most improved and Tori received the outstanding effort award.

Each student works very hard in each and every class and they make me proud to be there to teach them.

Again congrats to each of them.

Matt, promoted to 5th kyu are Josh Welch, Cory and Joel Graska, promoted to 7th kyu are Brandon Bennett and Tori Jensen.


The Ninth Annual Visalia Karate-Do Winter Gasshuku was a tremendous success.

Students of all ranks participated in part or all of this great Southwest GKK Tradition.

     The Ninth Annual Visalia Karate-Do Winter Gasshuku was a tremendous success. Students of all ranks participated in part or all of this great Southwest GKK Tradition.

On Saturday, December 12,  fifty-six students went up for promotions. The Assessment panel consisted of Mr. Mark Cramer, Mr. Chris Perry, and Mr. Daniel Trumble

Image     On Thursday October 15 we gathered at the See Sport Center in Caesarea, on the coast of the Mediterranean to conduct our annual two day training seminar.

Training on the first day included basics, kata and prearranged sparring (one step).

     On Friday morning at 06:30 AM, we went down to the beach for some warm up exercises, kata and meditation (after a good dip in the sea).
     Later on this morning, we continued our training with a ground work class, a reality based self-defense session and some intense free style full contact sparring matches.

     The main emphasis of this seminar was individual practice and improvement in familiar exercises. 


Several members of the dojo were deservingly promoted:

Mr. Ofer Feldman – 1 Kyu Mrs. Efrat Ben-Tovim Feldman – 2 Kyu

                        Ms. Na'ama Arie – 3 Kyu                        Mr.  Ran Shaham – 4 Kyu

                        Mr. Shraga Lapides – 4 Kyu            Mr. Randolf Benka – 6 Kyu

It was an excellent work out and a great social gathering. The most important feedback from our dojo members was – "We don't have to work so hard for a good BBQ dinner"