by Mark Cramer 

Temperance, Mi. -- On June 7, the Bedford GKK held its spring promotional. The grading began at 9:00 AM and ended at 1:15 PM as forty-three students went up for promotion. Mark Cramer, Mary Meade, Chris Perry, Brad Geiner, and Daniel Trumbull officiated with the assistance of four junior black belts -- Stephen Dick, Becky Herroon, Molly Herroon, and Andrew Trumbull.

by Nancy Ault

When Mr. Frank Matt, sensei started Goju Ryu karate in 2001 I knew right away he was a talented karateka and would someday be a great instructor. In 2006 as a Shodan he moved from Maine to upstate New York. It was my loss but a big gain for the GKK. He soon started his own dojo at the YMCA in Corinth New York. We still drive the six hours to train with each other when possible. Recently on April 4th and 5th he returned to Maine to test for Nidan. We started Friday night with a vigorous workout covering basics and beginning training katas. Saturday morning began with my regular class and with Mr. Frank teaching my higher ranks, as he only has white belts in his dojo thus far. After class we continued his nidan testing and by lunchtime he was done and wiped out. Mr. Frank is a powerful man and always gives 110%. He dislocated a knee one time but finished testing. Saturday evening we all gathered at a student’s house for a congratulations party. Our intense interest in Goju Ryu karate is mutual. There aren’t many people I can spend a combined eighteen hours in a car talking about karate but Mr. Frank is such a friend. Congratulations to our newest GKK Nidan!

On May 1st Mr. Roger Bartnick was promoted to Godan and Renshi, and  Mr. Luke Kwiatkowski was promoted to Shodan in Ken  Maunz's Dojo. 

by Kevin Forsyth
We will be holding the Spring Promotions and Yamakura Shihan Seminars in the Toledo area on April 13th and 14th.

Promotions will be held April 13th at 7:00 PM. All students in the area testing for San Kyu or above should plan on attending if possible.

School Leaders, please contact me to let me know which students you will be bringing to the promotions. All blackbelts in the area are welcome to attend and sit on the review board. Both the promotions and the seminars will be held at 8235 Adler in Lambertville, MI. This is a large residential property, generously made available to us by one of our members, Mr. Frank Borgelt.

The seminars on Saturday April 14th will be led by Shihan Yamakura. The fee for each Seminar is $10, or $20 for all three. Families may register for all three for $50 regardless of the number of family members. All attendees from outside the local area may wave the registration fee. Any instructors that have students with financial hardships should send me their names and they will added to a "prepaid" list so that they may still attend the seminars.

Noon - 1:30 PM for all ranks
1:45 PM - 3:15 PM for Green Belts and above
3:30 - 5:30 for Black Belts

6:30 - Dinner and Annual GKK meeting. Traditionally we have held the dinner meeting at the En Japanese restaurant. We plan to use that location again, though it is subject to change.

Check the GKK Events list for details.