On 8-27-2009 the Visalia Karate-Do held its end of the term promotional ceremony. The new children’s division (7-9 Yrs) celebrated the event for its first time.  Rank was awarded as follows:


Brown Belts;              Saul Velazquez, 1st Kyu,  Mary Reitz, 1st Kyu,  Daniel Ramirez Jr, 2nd Kyu, 

                        Daniel Ramirez Sr, 3rd Kyu


Orange Belts;              Rebecca Bibb, 7th Kyu,  Evan Kimura, 7th Kyu,  Ruben Rodriguez, 7th Kyu,  Grayson Wiley, 7th Kyu

                                    Kevin Soliven, 8th Kyu,  Clarissa Ramirez, 8th Kyu,  Leslie Zuniga, 8th Kyu,  Neil Mercer, 9th Kyu

                                    Mitch Van Loon, 9th Kyu,  Madison Wiley, 9th Kyu Ho,  L. Jay Ayson, 9th Kyu Ho,

                                    Brandy Leyva, 9th Kyu Ho


Yellow Belts;              Jerrod Aguilar,  11th Kyu,  A J Anaya,  12th Kyu Ho,  Kyle Boone,  12th Kyu Ho,

                                    J C Carrasco, 12th Kyu Ho,  Alexander Fierro, 12th Kyu Ho,  Jesus Magallan, 12th Kyu Ho

                        Joel Morales,12th Kyu Ho, Alyssa Rios,12th Kyu Ho, Diego Soto, 12th Kyu Ho,Isaac Soto, 12th Kyu Ho