by Rich Stamper

An Excerpt From: The Character of Goju-Ryu
Kata Implications for Experienced Practitioners

Chapter 12 - In The Beginning -  Movement

Movement is pretty basic to martial arts practice and often taken for granted.  By movement I mean stepping from stance to stance, but I will also discuss movement within a stance.
We tend to emphasize the completed stance – the posture, balance, weight distribution, being locked in, being rooted and so on.  We tend to neglect the transitions from stance to stance or within a stance, and tend to view these as simply the movement required to get from one good stance to the next.  When doing this we severely limit our effectiveness for practical, actual application.  
Most instructors teach a smooth, quick transition from stance to stance.  This is good and appropriate.  But then many of the instructors insist upon a fully established stance prior to executing a hit, kick or block.  This becomes a sequential action and the momentum of the stance movement does not carry into the technique.  This reduces the effectiveness because it uses strength only, not a combination of strength and momentum.

by Mark Cramer

On November 21, three members of the GKK competition team traveled to the Greater Cleveland area to compete in the USA Karate Federation Championships. The results are as follows:

Arpan Patel (8 year old male novice) Kata -- Silver, Kumite -- Bronze            
Yatri Patel (14 year old female beginner)Kata -- Gold, Kumite -- Gold
Mark Cramer (18 to 34 male advanced mandatory kata) Mandatory Kata -- Silver
John Barnes (a former GKK member) and I competed in the 18 to 34 year old division and beat all of the young guys to meet in the finals. John is in his 50s and I just turned 60. We both did Suparinpai, and John won on a close 3 to 2 split decision.


by Mark Cramer

The International Olympic Committee now recognizes karatedo as an Olympic Sport. In the United States, the USA National Karate-do Federation has recently moved into the Olympic Complex in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Corporate America is now sponsoring the USA Karatedo Team, and sport karate is moving ever closer to being in the Olympic Games.