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O.O.D.A Loop and the Tactical Response Written by Tracy A. Hightower 3027
Did You Know? Written by Rich Stamper 2395
Performing and Assessing a Kata Written by Mark Cramer 2702
OverSpeed Training: The Most Effective Method for Training the Most Valuable Physical . . . Written by Prof. Angel Spassov, Ph.D. D.Sc. and Tony Capasso 2372
Bedford GKK Hosts Midwest Karate Seminar Written by Mark Cramer 2191
Master Hidetaka Nishiyama (1928 - 2008) Written by Mark Cramer 1997
World Karate Federation Championships, Tokyo, Japan Written by John Barnes 2214
The USA National Team in Tokyo, Japan Written by Eric Naujock 2151
Fundamentals of Strength Acquisition for Combat Sports Written by Charles I. Staley, B.Sc, MSS, International Sports Sciences Association 2362
Social Harmony Written by Grim Beorn 2352