These people are the officers for the GKK. 

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Name Position Phone State Country
Dave Shaneman Interorganizational Relations U.S.A.
Ken Maunz Representative, MW 734-888-1245 Michigan U.S.A.
Duane Sammons Representative, NW 360-733-2550 Washington U.S.A.
Ms. Nancy Ault Representative, NE 207-563-8247 Maine U.S.A.
Dan Taylor Representative, SW U.S.A.
Greg Dodge Review Board Member 419-392-0268 Ohio U.S.A.
Les Eff Review Board Member U.S.A.
Ed Myers Review Board Member Ohio U.S.A.
Lyn Gray Review Board Member Ohio U.S.A.
Robert Cowen Review Board Member U.S.A.
Motoo Yamakura Trustee Michigan U.S.A.
Duane Sammons Trustee 360-733-2550 Washington U.S.A.
Ron Henderson Trustee Ohio U.S.A.
Ken Maunz Trustee 734-888-1245 Michigan U.S.A.