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Did you know our USA Director, Mr. Dwight Scales, retired a few years ago but now serves forty hours per week as Character Coach for a charter school in addition to teaching karate classes?  As Character Coach he handles conflict resolution, provides counseling, offers support, and encourages as needed.  He also provides general services in whatever capacity is required.  Role models are sorely needed today and Mr. Dwight’s strength, compassion, and humility provide an excellent example for the kids at the school.  And for those of us in the GKK as well.

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Imagine Clay Karate Club http://www.goju.com/news-articles/427-imagine-clay-karate-club http://www.goju.com/news-articles/427-imagine-clay-karate-club

My “retirement” job is working at the Imagine Clay Community School. One of the things I do at the school is hold an after-school karate class. Here are some pictures from their promotion in February.

Ms. Angie Monday helps with the class. Mr. Ken Maunz was our guest at this promotion. I’m asking their parents to sign with the GKK to make this an official dojo.

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Handren Attack of the Post Toasties http://www.goju.com/news-articles/426-handren-attack-of-the-post-toasties http://www.goju.com/news-articles/426-handren-attack-of-the-post-toasties

“It’s fun to laugh at yourself, it’s the tonic tried and true. 

It’s fun to look at yourself, as other people do.”… Candid Camera Theme Song

I’m in the cereal aisle of my favorite super-store.  My snake-like peripheral vision catches a carelessly placed box of cereal about to fall onto my head from a high shelf.  Without hesitation, I turn into a left sanchin dachi and execute an age uke as I have done thousands of times in Gekisai.  The box explodes.  A cloud of Post Toasties rains down.  The other patrons are speechless at this masterful display of karate. As I swagger down the aisle, the only sounds heard are crunchy footsteps and gasps of admiration.  I turn to the assistant manager. "Clean up...aisle seven," I say, in my best Sean Connery brogue casually brushing a few Toasties from my shoulder. A Hispanic woman looks my way and mumbles "stupedo."  I believe that is Spanish for master.  I nod at her compliment.

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Kanki Izumikawa Biography http://www.goju.com/news-articles/425-kanki-izumikawa-biography http://www.goju.com/news-articles/425-kanki-izumikawa-biography

This Biography was written exclusively for our News Letter by the current leader and youngest son of the Master.   ………J.L. Coleman

Biography of Kanki Izumikawa

Date of birth:  April 16, 1908 (Meiji Era)

Died:  November 1, 1967 (Showa Era)

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Awesome Seminar http://www.goju.com/news-articles/423-awsome_seminar_apr_2014 http://www.goju.com/news-articles/423-awsome_seminar_apr_2014

Yamakura Shihan never fails to wow his audience. What a great Seminar. Nearly forty mudansha and a dozen yudansha were on the floor taking in the experience that Yamakura Shihan was sharing. No matter what level you were at, something new and inspiring was shared. Having guests sensei Mr. Ed Myers and Mr. Matt Loiselle from the Ohio area made the seminar even more extra memorable. 

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Cumberland Gap Training Event http://www.goju.com/news-articles/421-cumberland-gap-training-event http://www.goju.com/news-articles/421-cumberland-gap-training-event

Once again we are going to Cumberland Gap to train and play! The trip will be June 26th Thursday thru June 29th Sunday. This is a family friendly national park with plenty to do in the area. Once again there is no charge for training. Camping in the park is 18$ a night for electric sites per night. We are hoping to get t- shirts this year with GKK logo and year and park on it. But we need to know if you would like to go to order shirts for size and price.

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Seattle Area Seminars http://www.goju.com/news-articles/420-seattle-area-seminars http://www.goju.com/news-articles/420-seattle-area-seminars

     Shihan Yamakura is coming to the Northwest April 2-5, and there will be training sessions every day. On Saturday, there will be a marathon training session from 12:30 to 5:30 at the Meadowbrook Rec Center which is located at 10517 35th AVE NE in Seattle. The cost for that session is $50, and there will be a potluck following training at Steve Hampsten's home, which is about half a mile away from the rec center.

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Trip to Japan http://www.goju.com/news-articles/419-trip-to-japan http://www.goju.com/news-articles/419-trip-to-japan

Here are a few pictures of my recent trip to Japan

I visited Ise Jingu which is a shrine complex composed of a large number of Shinto shrines.

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Annual Meeting and Black Belt Promotion 2014 http://www.goju.com/news-articles/412-annual-meeting-and-black-belt-promotion-2014 http://www.goju.com/news-articles/412-annual-meeting-and-black-belt-promotion-2014

We are excited to come to you with the information about our Spring Seminar and Annual Meeting and are especially excited to let you all know that a decision has been made to add a small tournament to the weekend activities.

The dates for all of this are, May 23rd and 24th (Friday and Saturday). This will take place at The Clay Avenue Community School, 1030 Clay Avenue, Toledo, Ohio, 43608.

Friday – May 23rd

                Black Belt Promotion – 6pm

Saturday – May 24th

                Seminar (All Ranks) – 9am until 11am

                                (Green belts and above) – 11am until 12:30pm

                                (Black Belts) – 12:30 until 2pm


                                Officials Meeting – 2pm

                                Competition – 2:30

                Banquet and Annual Meeting – 6pm.

Tournament -             $5 one division, $7 both kata and kumite. No participant will go away empty-handed.

Seminar -             $10 one session, $15 two sessions, $20 all three, $30 for non-GKK members, $5 more for anyone without a patch

Please review your records and submit the names of members eligible for promotion to Sho Dan and above to me as soon as possible. We want no one to miss the opportunity to advance as they should.

Prices for the seminar and tournament will be determined soon. Rest assured they will be reasonable.  I am sending this notice so that everyone can make travel plans.

We are all part of the GKK family. As family members, we all have ownership in how the family is maintained.  We need to see representatives from all regions for this to be a successful venture!

I am looking forward to seeing all you in May. Please feel free to contact me bye-mail (dwight.scales@imagineschools.com) or call me at: (419) 304-1666.



Dwight Scales

GKK-USA Director

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